Sorry for the long siesta!

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Robin & Finchy haven’t gone anywhere. Well, actually they have. They moved! Into a house, with windows. And wildlife. Lots of crazy, freaky wonderful wildlife that come right up to our sliding glass doors and teaste the cats unmercifully.

They celebrated the indoor-tree season this past Decenber and did not climb anything, nor break anything (due to us not having anything fragile hanging). They have learned to go for walks around the neighborhood and coo at every dog and cat they see. They have learned to look up at the trees to see where the squirrels are hiding, and to invade neighbors’ yards to eat the grass (yes it is greener on the other side)!

Finchy has trained us to open windows and put us on a treat-giving schedule, while Robin has discovered the epicurian delights of pizza, raw shrimp, and fried pork skins.

But do not dispare, R&F will return shortly. For your viewing pleasure, we give you this interlude while we load the uber-megabites of cuteness off our cameras and prep it for public viewing.


Mega cuteness, untitled

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The latest batch of images…

Robin up above, finchy on the shelf below. OOoooh, what is that?


Closeup of Finchy’s mug.

What do you think they’re looking at?!

Why so blue, kitty?

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Have you heard that Seattle has a blue cast to its light? Well, here’s the proof! The wall is actually a pure white. Can’t really tell, can you? Mornings by the window checking out the birds (part of their morning routine, particularly Finchy’s):


Finchy. What a lovey. Orange and blue are such a great combo! I have this as my desktop at work. It makes me happy to see it all day long.


Robin, in a frenzy of tail lashing.


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Yesterday when I came home from work there were trains snug up against the building. You’d think it would make bird watching more difficult for the boys, but actually, the trains bring crevices for the birds to hang on and in plus lots and lots of grain! It’s actually more of a bird bonanza when the rail cars are there than when they aren’t.

After a quick meet and green when I walked in the door, their interest turned quickly to the screeches, whistles and swoops of birds scurrying for an evening feast in the beautiful blue Seattle evening light.


Finchy very attentively watches the tops of the trains.


Robin’s our handsome boy.


Robin has to crane his head straight up in order to see the train top. Check out his freckles (notice the ones on his lips)!

Cat is my Co-pilot

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robin and plane

Robin took a trip to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field recently to check out an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane. 


robin and crew

Robin poses for a photo opp with crewman, and crew woman, Bradley Manriquez and Jessica Carrillo who were quite excited to have a cat on their plane. 

robin in cockpitRobin gets a tour of the cockpit. Here he is sitting with another crewman in the flight engineers seat. From up there he got a “birds eye view” of things. Robin was all too willing to sign on with the Air Force to fulfill his duty dispatching terrorist mice from the plane.

The many moods of Finchy

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The only important thing of note is that all of these images come from a 1 minute time span. Finchy doing his thing… He loves to do this in the middle of the night especially, sitting in the middle of the studio floor, surrounded by nothing, in the dark, with his brother sleeping somewhere, just gazing at shadows.

I give you… Finchy, and his many moods


Summer’s Bounty

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Summer is obviously drawing to a close. Following a record 108 degree day here, it is now cooling off, turning wet, and all the leaves are starting to turn colors. It was a good thing we took advantage of all of summer’s yummy harvest. We have been canning up a storm, and of course, the boys just had to help. Any activity involving the kitchen island is too much temptation for Finchy. He gets a pass to be on it due to his incredible cuteness.

Robin is only interested when food is involved that he wants to eat. I don’t think apricots in simple syrup count.



Finchy w/ apricots