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Yesterday when I came home from work there were trains snug up against the building. You’d think it would make bird watching more difficult for the boys, but actually, the trains bring crevices for the birds to hang on and in plus lots and lots of grain! It’s actually more of a bird bonanza when the rail cars are there than when they aren’t.

After a quick meet and green when I walked in the door, their interest turned quickly to the screeches, whistles and swoops of birds scurrying for an evening feast in the beautiful blue Seattle evening light.


Finchy very attentively watches the tops of the trains.


Robin’s our handsome boy.


Robin has to crane his head straight up in order to see the train top. Check out his freckles (notice the ones on his lips)!


Boxcar Boys

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Robin and Finchy hop a boxcar at a Georgetown railroad yard. Their destination…wherever the train may take them. A hobo cat’s life is not constrained by schedules or pre-destined places. Wherever the rails go…they will travel.

Robin watches the railroad tracks rumble by while Finchy keeps an eye out for any stowaway mice in their boxcar accomodation.

Train and Bird spotting

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Every morning we wake up to our new backyard view. Today the birds were very active and loud (the starlings were quite active). There’s still sun and warm weather, perfect for bird watching.

I think tonight there will be some boxcar wanderings… if it doesn’t move by tonight. D’ya think kittens would like to travel cross-country by boxcar?


Finchy is very intrigued by the birds

Finchy is very intrigued by the birds

Robin gets in on the action

Robin gets in on the action

As you can see, Robin is conflicted. There’s a very tasty mouse toy he’d rather be playing with.