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Robin eating our dinner

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags , , on March 9, 2009 by iconicblue

I’ve been meaning to upload this video for a while. This is from a month ago – Robin eating mashed potatoes and pork chops. What you don’t see is the teaspoons of mashed potatoe he alredy slurped down. If he didn’t have a kitty six-pack I’d be worried. But maybe after he slows down he’ll be like an aging football player and balloon up. He’s a hardbody cat. Mmmmrrrrow!

More to come, really! I have lots more. Will try to post even without internet access at home any longer.


Don’t let the cute fool you

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags on January 17, 2009 by iconicblue

Robin’s the manic kitty, the one that gallops from one end of the studio, to the other, up the couch, over the victrola, up to the top shelf of the bookshelf, then down on top of the speaker and back to the other end, in a blur. He does drive by swats at his brother, and mews frustatingly that he doesn’t have enough room to run (trust me, he gets up some major speed).

However, when he gets tuckered out, or sleepy, or when it’s dinner time (twice a day he gets a can of avoderm), he turns into a snugglepuppy.


Robin playing at half speed. May I remind you to read the post title?


See that look? Danger, danger!

Oh, and last night he ate baked beans. The next thing on the list.

Update on Robin Feasting

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags on January 12, 2009 by iconicblue

No pictures today. But I had to bring you all up-to-date on the latest thing that Robin has eaten. He continues to amaze me with his people-food-eating prowess. Last night he kept mooching my green peas. He ate at least 20 of them. They didn’t even have butter or salt, and it was on a plate with breaded fish fillets and he still went after the peas first.

It is my intention to keep an ongoing log of what he eats – it is truly stupendous. He has recently added red meat to his repetoire, so there is little he won’t eat. Lettuce, fish, cooked chicken are perennial favorites though.

More later.

What Robin has eaten today

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags , , on November 2, 2008 by iconicblue

So both kittens have very strong and distinctive personalities. Finchy is a lover. He likes to sit on the sidelines and watch intently. His favorite thing is to lie on what we have dubbed Mommy Blanket, knead, purr, and suck little bits of the nubby fur. He can do this for hours straight. If ever a cat would eat bon-bons, it would be him, but instead, he’s a picky eater.

Robin, however, is the protector, and fighter. He’s the alpha, taking care of all the kittens in his litter, and now us. He worries about all of us and is always checking on us throughout the day. He’s also super active and plays hard, constantly. He’s so active that he has developed this really muscly physique, so I call him “Arnold.” In fact, we just weighed them at MudBay on their bulk food scale and he tipped out at 9 lbs flat. Finchy was a robust 8.75 lbs. They are only 5 and a half months. It’s a good thing Robin is such an athlete. Here is a list of the food he has eaten today:

3/4 can of wet food
4 bites of pancakes with butter and real maple syrup
5 bites of hamburger and gruyere cheese + 1 bite of hamburger bun
3/4 can of wet food (he hogs it all when we put it out)
some more kibble
a handful of cheerios
2 pieces of dehydrated chicken treats
more kibble

And to think we call Finchy “butterball” (which is more a reflection of his personality, chinchilla softness, rolly-polly-ness when he is petted, and of course, his soft round belly).

Am I a bad kitten parent? How can I resist when he runs to me when I have a plate and fork, sits, and begs every time I eat something, even just a salad?!?! It was harder in the beginning when he would jump on me and almost crawl onto my plate (that inquisitive paw on my hand was the ultimate undoing). He has better manners now, but he still begs as bad as a dog.

Pancakes this morning.

Cheerios this evening