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Sorry for the long siesta!

Posted in sleeping on February 8, 2010 by iconicblue

Robin & Finchy haven’t gone anywhere. Well, actually they have. They moved! Into a house, with windows. And wildlife. Lots of crazy, freaky wonderful wildlife that come right up to our sliding glass doors and teaste the cats unmercifully.

They celebrated the indoor-tree season this past Decenber and did not climb anything, nor break anything (due to us not having anything fragile hanging). They have learned to go for walks around the neighborhood and coo at every dog and cat they see. They have learned to look up at the trees to see where the squirrels are hiding, and to invade neighbors’ yards to eat the grass (yes it is greener on the other side)!

Finchy has trained us to open windows and put us on a treat-giving schedule, while Robin has discovered the epicurian delights of pizza, raw shrimp, and fried pork skins.

But do not dispare, R&F will return shortly. For your viewing pleasure, we give you this interlude while we load the uber-megabites of cuteness off our cameras and prep it for public viewing.


Some interrum photos…

Posted in sleeping with tags , , on October 22, 2008 by iconicblue

Been a bit busy with work and projects, so haven’t had much time to do a big post or prep photos for one. So I’ve dredged my files and found a few spare photos to post until I have more time to properly devote to a full posting:

Kitten cuddle in the clean laundry basket (a previous favorite place to sleep)

Kitten cuddle (can you tell how close they are?)! This was on their next favorite place to sleep: the kitten bower we made out of a cardboard box and a travel blanket. The box has been retired, but they still love the blanket (I think it’s been very well washed, nice and soft).

Waking up to Sparkle Water

Posted in sleeping on October 10, 2008 by iconicblue

This is another post revisiting the kittens a while back – a whole whopping month ago! This was shortly after we let them go into the loft, when we thought they could handle going up and down the verticle ladder. This series shows them waking up, yawning, and checking out my cup of sparkling water, one of their perennial favorite things. You try it with your kittens and you’ll see what I mean!

(Starting out with Robin, then Robin on left, and Finchy on right).

Kittens, Revisited

Posted in sleeping with tags , , on September 25, 2008 by iconicblue

This blog started about 2 months after the kittens arrived. While it would have been nice to have all posts be 100% chronological, I’m stuck with having to do the internet version of flashbacks! My how they’ve grown!!

Robin, the grease monkey, getting sleepy (notice the line of bike grease on his shnoz). Yes, his thumpers and tail really are that big. [From Day 1 in the McDermott clan]

The day 1 kitten puddle. Robin on left, Finchy on right.

Babies of any kind held in a cupped palm will always be the cutest thing on earth. Make it a kitten for extra melting power. Finchy demonstrates his ability to be comfortable being held in any position at any time (something he continues to cultivate).

Life in the studio

Posted in climbing, sleeping with tags , , , , on September 17, 2008 by iconicblue

We got a new carpet (mmmm, kittens love that new carpet smell). Finchy loooooves sleeping on it.

This is the ceiling to the loft. Yes, Robin climbs up there himself.

Waking Up

Posted in sleeping with tags , , , , on September 8, 2008 by iconicblue

My first glimpse of my new kittens, when I got home from work! Well, not my first glimpse, but the first time I saw them as “mine!”