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Cat is my Co-pilot

Posted in outside with tags , , , on September 23, 2009 by iconicblue

robin and plane

Robin took a trip to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field recently to check out an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane. 


robin and crew

Robin poses for a photo opp with crewman, and crew woman, Bradley Manriquez and Jessica Carrillo who were quite excited to have a cat on their plane. 

robin in cockpitRobin gets a tour of the cockpit. Here he is sitting with another crewman in the flight engineers seat. From up there he got a “birds eye view” of things. Robin was all too willing to sign on with the Air Force to fulfill his duty dispatching terrorist mice from the plane.


Outing at the beach

Posted in outside with tags , on March 10, 2009 by iconicblue

This is from 2 months ago. Finchy does indeed like to have outings in the great big outside world. As long as they are protected and have shrubbery and trees around to hide in.


Robin is more adventurous. He’s not afraid to explore:


Finchy Getting Scared

Posted in outside with tags , , on November 11, 2008 by iconicblue

Robin was very anxious to get out of the studio, and trips to the hallway and other studios in the building just wasn’t cutting it. So we packed the boys up in their new, much larger carrier and took them to Seward Park for an outing. We took them to the beach and brought them out on the dock. Robin loved the whole thing. Finchy on the other hand has become more and more timid and unhappy being in open, exposed areas, as you’ll see below. Really, it’s not the water he’s scared of in these pictures – he loves the stuff.

Finchy’s not sure he wants to come out.

That’s one unhappy catlet!

“Get me out of here!!!”

The Great Pumpkin Selection

Posted in outside with tags , on October 16, 2008 by iconicblue

Every week we try and give R&F an outing. We have limited light, views, & scenery at the studio, so it helps keep them young-at-heart (and helps ’em not be bored). John’s idea this past weekend was to go to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins, and of course, for the advantagious photo-op.

Finchy to Robin: Look at these over here!

Robin to Finchy: No, I wish to strike out for these unknown regions here, where I may see many other pumpkin glories!

Finchy is not impressed. He’s meditating on the best pumpkin to pick. Or is he contemplating which grass patch to eat? Nom nom nom.

Behold! That pumpkin yonder is the one for me! (We bought 3, by the way).

Pumpkin carving ensues tonight! More photos to follow, post-carving.

(Thanks to APL for witty banter suggestions.)

Climbing Real Trees

Posted in climbing, outside with tags , , , , on October 7, 2008 by iconicblue

A few weekends ago we took the boys to Seward Park to get a taste of climbing real trees. It didn’t take very long for them to get the hang of it. Here’s some advice for you would-be copycats (tee hee): don’t take your eyes off ’em for a second! You might get your arm jerked out of its socket if you don’t pay attention – they’re that quick! And might I suggest a blanket/towel for them to land on when they jump into your arms afterwards (those claws are sharp!).

Tandem climbing!

Robin is one happy cat!


Posted in outside with tags , , , on September 30, 2008 by iconicblue

A recent outing. Alki beach. Puget sound surf, salt-water, sun, stinky fishy smells. What more could a cat ask for? At least this wasn’t cruising day. Loud choppers driving by does not a happy cat make.

Robin, not sure what happened to the whiskers on the right side of his face. Either finchy likes to chew on them or…? So how long does it take to grow back whiskers, anyhow?

Finchy, being very chill. He does profile very well.

Robin on the prowl.

Cats on Leashes? That’s Silly.

Posted in outside with tags , , , , , on September 22, 2008 by iconicblue

People are often amused and surprised to see a cat outside on a leash. As a former committed dog-person I can completely understand. From a recent foray in a West Seattle park, from 2 little boys:

“Cats on leashes. That’s silly” … “Can we pet your cat?” … “He’s soft!”

Robin, jungle cat extraordinaire!

Robin checking out the scenery.

Finchy savors sitting on a stump.

The safe undergrowth beckons.