A List of Things Robin Has Eaten

This is an on-going list of items that Robin has eaten. It will updated as he eats more things. Hey, he’s still just a kitten!

Last updated January 23, 2009 (last night we went out for sushi and brought some goodies home for the kids. He may have been too sleepy for the crab, edamame, and avocado – we’ll try these again another time, but the hamachi was a HUGE hit).

Baked Beans
Bread (particularly the hard crust on artisan bread)
Eggs (only if there’s yoke on it)
Cheese of any kind
Fish (breaded and baked)
Hamachi (raw sushi, yellowtail tuna)
Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
Kix cereal
Mashed potatoes (plain, no gravy)
Pancakes & syrup
Pork rinds
Prawn crackers
Salad greens (he eats these every other day)
Spaghetti (dry)
Toast (with butter, or without)
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)
White rice (cooked)


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