Sorry for the long siesta!

Robin & Finchy haven’t gone anywhere. Well, actually they have. They moved! Into a house, with windows. And wildlife. Lots of crazy, freaky wonderful wildlife that come right up to our sliding glass doors and teaste the cats unmercifully.

They celebrated the indoor-tree season this past Decenber and did not climb anything, nor break anything (due to us not having anything fragile hanging). They have learned to go for walks around the neighborhood and coo at every dog and cat they see. They have learned to look up at the trees to see where the squirrels are hiding, and to invade neighbors’ yards to eat the grass (yes it is greener on the other side)!

Finchy has trained us to open windows and put us on a treat-giving schedule, while Robin has discovered the epicurian delights of pizza, raw shrimp, and fried pork skins.

But do not dispare, R&F will return shortly. For your viewing pleasure, we give you this interlude while we load the uber-megabites of cuteness off our cameras and prep it for public viewing.


3 Responses to “Sorry for the long siesta!”

  1. I have one word . . .
    . . . and the word is BELLY!

  2. That looks like one relaxed cat!

    I have missed these guys’ adventures and look forward to more piccies soon!

  3. Fabulous Fabs Says:

    It seems like the siesta continues… 🙂

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