Summer’s Bounty

Summer is obviously drawing to a close. Following a record 108 degree day here, it is now cooling off, turning wet, and all the leaves are starting to turn colors. It was a good thing we took advantage of all of summer’s yummy harvest. We have been canning up a storm, and of course, the boys just had to help. Any activity involving the kitchen island is too much temptation for Finchy. He gets a pass to be on it due to his incredible cuteness.

Robin is only interested when food is involved that he wants to eat. I don’t think apricots in simple syrup count.



Finchy w/ apricots


4 Responses to “Summer’s Bounty”

  1. Oh the look on Finchy’s face is just priceless! I can totally see how/why he gets a free pass 🙂 How can anyone say no to that cute face?

  2. Exactly!! In fact, I was inspired to do a post because of his cute mug (the moods of finchy). Enjoy!

  3. Emilia St.Jon Says:

    Finchy is always willing to help out in the kitchen 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Finchy is so cute 😸

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