Portrait Studio, Georgetown Style

Well, the boys are hamming it up again. Sometimes one just can’t resist the cute opportune shot. Where are my soft-focus, hazy sunlight lenses? I  need some daisies and checked gingham prints, and maybe a straw basket! And bows… need lots and lots of big ribbons and bows to tie on said baskets and kittens!

Argh, I’m going to make myself sick! Well, at least we have the orange tabby express (bike building in process), and artwork, and mess to tone it down…

Does Sears still hire portrait photographers?



2 Responses to “Portrait Studio, Georgetown Style”

  1. I keep forgetting how BIG they are…

  2. iconicblue Says:

    Finchy’s pushing 16 lbs if he hasn’t already. Robin’s probably in the 14-15 range (he’s solid muscle, with no fat).

    Trust me, when you have to carry 30+ lbs of cat in your arms every morning to and from the bathroom (they like to join me during shower time), you notice! Luckily they just hang there in my arms (or lie draped over my shoulder) as I go down the hall…

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