We’re Back!


Robin & Finchy took a little summer break, but we’re back!

A little glimpse of cuteness in the intervening months:

Finchy whining because he wants me to pick him up rather than videotape him, so that he can get closer to the big fly on the ceiling. He’s a very co-dependant cat!


3 Responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. Hope you enjoyed your summer break! I was concerned we might not have the pleasure of seeing more of Robin’s and Finchy’s adventures, but am delighted and relieved that we shall! Your boys are absolutely beautiful, and what interesting vocalizations they make; a treat as always.

  2. iconicblue Says:

    Yes yes, they’re back. I finally got my OWN camera to take photos and videos, so more to come. And next weekend we’re going on a road trip! R&F soon to be reporting from the Washington Coast!

  3. I could listen to Finchy going “wheeeow” all day 😉 xx

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