Robin does NOT like help

It’s been all finchy the past few posts, so it’s time for some Robin time.

Robin likes to do things himself. He doesn’t want to be cuddled. He slinks away from your hand 9 times out of 10 when you pet him even though he doesn’t quite run away. He will push you away and try to scurry over and down your back when you pick him up (most of the time). He’s like an oiled weasel. However, make no mistake. In the evening, it’s play with Robin time. If you don’t, he’ll spend hours meowing piteously at you, looking at you, and resorting to shredding and knocking down anything he can reach on the office shelves to get our attention. Hey, stop that you crazy cat! Ooooh, whatcha gonna do, come chase me? (Yeah! It worked!) 

Hopefully he’ll settle down when his metabolism slows down. Until then, here’s one from the archives. Robin and his 14 inch tail.



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