Finchy likes help

Finchy is very curious. He loves to check things out, and he always lets you know when he wants you to pick him up and show him something. He likes help getting down the loft stairs – he will even wait on a little ledge we built for when they were tiny kittens, for us to come get him and carry him down a few feet. Before he would step onto your hand so you could lift him down one handed. Now he’s developed into wanting to climb over your shoulder. He has a well-established vocabulary of questioning mews, so you can always tell what he wants.

“Time to get up, I want the window open so I can look at birds”

“Help me down the ladder”

“Hey, I’m down here, at your feet, pet me”

“I’m going to climb up you now, here I come!”

“I want to play with whirley bird, come get it out of the cabinet!”

Here he is checking out the loft structure, from below:





One Response to “Finchy likes help”

  1. I comeover and help you find things any time, Finchy woogs.

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