Kittens growing up

We periodically bring R&F to the pet store (Mud Bay here in Seattle) and make use of their bulk food scales to unofficially weigh the cats. We estimate that they were born the first of June, or end of May, so 2 weeks ago, at age 9 months, they weighed about 12 1/2 lbs each. Finchy, the runt of the litter, is finally outstripping his much much more athletic and high-metabolism brother, and now weighs more than Robin. Before now Robin had outweighed Finchy by .25 lbs every time – all that hardbody cat muscle.

Finchy has the best, softest schmoo around. He’s definitely half chinchilla.

Now one additional note about our place – it lacks much access to sunlight. I have this ginormous light table that we have started leaving on during the day for the cats to sun themselves on, which they do quite often. I think they light the extra light. They can often be found underneth the little lamp by our bed as well, when it gets left on.


Lately, Robin has started getting freckles on his nose. We did some research and found out that tabby cats in particular are partial to getting nose freckles, something I did not know! They also have whiskers that are turning black. They each have 4 or 5, and they each have them only on one side of their muzzles. How odd!

And from the archive, here’s one of Finchy at Mud Bay. He *loves* to be on the cat towers. In fact, he’ll whine loudly when he doesn’t get to stay on them.



3 Responses to “Kittens growing up”

  1. What lovely cats!
    I have a little red tabby girl and she’s been getting more freckles as she gets older. I can tell when photos of her were taken because of the (lack of) freckles. πŸ™‚

  2. iconicblue Says:

    Boo. Now Finchy has one! I just noticed it yesterday.

  3. MissHelen Says:

    Oooooh! I just want to gently rub that little Finchy nose, so cute! πŸ™‚

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