Kitten redux

A few kitten pics from the archives:

finchyhold2photo_600Finchy all relaxed (he fell asleep in John’s hands shortly after).

robinkitten_sleepyRobin on our furry pillows. He had recently discovered how fun bicycles can be (thus the nose grease).

finchykitten_600Finchy you sleepy kitty!


4 Responses to “Kitten redux”

  1. Fabulous Fabs Says:

    Too Cute!

  2. OMG, I had to call my husband over and show him that picture of baby Finchy. What a cutie!

  3. Oh, those are so adorable. Such happy, sleepy babies, who of course would never cause the tiniest trouble. Right?

  4. Lookin for pix similar to my new kitten to show some friends as I’ve yet to post any I’ve taken.. this cute lil guy looks to be part pixie-bob (avg common tabby cat) and one of the breeds from the eastern hemisphere, south of the tropic of capricorn.. Oriental or Aussie me thinx.. but I’m willing to bet the tabby markings are courtesy of the pixie-bob parent.

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