Don’t let the cute fool you

Robin’s the manic kitty, the one that gallops from one end of the studio, to the other, up the couch, over the victrola, up to the top shelf of the bookshelf, then down on top of the speaker and back to the other end, in a blur. He does drive by swats at his brother, and mews frustatingly that he doesn’t have enough room to run (trust me, he gets up some major speed).

However, when he gets tuckered out, or sleepy, or when it’s dinner time (twice a day he gets a can of avoderm), he turns into a snugglepuppy.


Robin playing at half speed. May I remind you to read the post title?


See that look? Danger, danger!

Oh, and last night he ate baked beans. The next thing on the list.


4 Responses to “Don’t let the cute fool you”

  1. woogums.
    i’d let the cute fool me anytime!

  2. I am fooled. After watching that film of Finchy enjoying being tossed in the air, I would believe anything that sweet boy wanted to tell me. Anything. Except that he’s a picky eater.

  3. iconicblue Says:

    Ducky – you’re mixing up Robin and Finchy! Finchy loves being upside down and airborn. He’s more cuddly and likes to watch from the sidelines. Robin is the alpha, the moocher, the insane galloper that can’t stop playing or running. He’s the one with the intense danger eyes. He will eat anything. Almost.

    They are both orange tabbies, so I understand if you think they are the same… they do look alike to the unitiated! Oddly enough, Finchy is quite finicky. He had a tender tummy as a kitten and only likes butter, cheese, milk, and salad greens. Oh, and he loves his kibble. I mean, he *really* loves his kibble.

  4. Ah, thank you for the clarification. I did think it was Finchy who would eat anything. Now I’m straightened out.
    I don’t think they’re the same, though. No two kitties are. Just had the food think mixed up in my head. But they are both very, very handsome, and I’m glad they are so loved that mistaken identities are addressed immediately. 🙂 Seems like the sign of a proud mama/papa.

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