Take Your Cat to Work Day (part 2)

Hiya everyone! Long time no write, sorry for the delay, been dealing with no internet at home, a new computer, and getting said new computer setup with new software. Don’t worry, R&F will be visiting often, again.

So what happened during the past month? Well, we took our cats to work day, twice! With almost no employees at work, snow days, makeup days on days we were supposed to be closed, and with the heat broken, we decided to give the kitties a vacation away from home and took them to the office! They had fun. They got scanned, photocopied, they ran around and practiced being CEO (by sitting in his chair, and rifling through his papers), and generally caused low productivity but excellent morale.




Robin enjoys the warm glass. Photocopying was a favorite activity. Finchy was less enthused (he had to be held tightly for a good photo).

View more photos via The Pet Museum (she was lucky enough to enjoy a visit one of the two days we brought them).


2 Responses to “Take Your Cat to Work Day (part 2)”

  1. Fabulous Fabs Says:

    Yeah! Robin and Finchy are back!!!! Love the pictures at The Pet Museum, especially the cute little paws on the copier!!! Hope Robin did not get blinded by the light of the copier!

  2. Nah, they were fine : ) and it was a fun way to get through a snowy work day.

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