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Robin sotto voce

Posted in play with tags , , on January 23, 2009 by iconicblue

Shot this recently – we have a new whirly bird toy (a bunch of feathers that spin and whir and the kids go wild over it). I’ll have another one soon with them both desperate to play and catch (lots more animation and noises).

So for now, here’s Robin sotto voce:

More Robin & Finchy cuteness at youtube.


The last undiscovered country

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We have lockers we got from Boeing surplus before they closed to the public. It’s the very last place that the cats had left to explore since they are so tall and unscaleable, but they have discovered how to get up there. Access is up through the art storage closet behind the curtain. Finchy isn’t nearly as athletic and daring as his brother, so he often has to be helped up and down. It is currently Robin’s favorite place. We’re thinking of putting a little soft blanket up there for him.

Robin loves to perch on the top corner and survey his domain.

Sorry for the blur; I need a better camera. But that mug! Yum.

Finchy gets a quick bath and mauling after we install him on top.

Finchy loves digging through the gap in the wood beams.

Kitten redux

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A few kitten pics from the archives:

finchyhold2photo_600Finchy all relaxed (he fell asleep in John’s hands shortly after).

robinkitten_sleepyRobin on our furry pillows. He had recently discovered how fun bicycles can be (thus the nose grease).

finchykitten_600Finchy you sleepy kitty!

Don’t let the cute fool you

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags on January 17, 2009 by iconicblue

Robin’s the manic kitty, the one that gallops from one end of the studio, to the other, up the couch, over the victrola, up to the top shelf of the bookshelf, then down on top of the speaker and back to the other end, in a blur. He does drive by swats at his brother, and mews frustatingly that he doesn’t have enough room to run (trust me, he gets up some major speed).

However, when he gets tuckered out, or sleepy, or when it’s dinner time (twice a day he gets a can of avoderm), he turns into a snugglepuppy.


Robin playing at half speed. May I remind you to read the post title?


See that look? Danger, danger!

Oh, and last night he ate baked beans. The next thing on the list.

Finchy flying in the air

Posted in Things you can do to Finchy with tags , , on January 16, 2009 by iconicblue

ThePetMuseum asked for me to post this video, so here it is! It’s Finchy. Being thrown into the air. He loves it! Not the best view; I’ll have to reshoot it with less john, and more finchy, but you get the idea. He curls up like a cooked shrimp and tries to catch his tail and back feet and clean them.

We do this to him regularly.

Coming soon… spider cat (a la the simpsons).

View all videos of Robin and Finchy at youtube.

Update on Robin Feasting

Posted in Things Robin eats with tags on January 12, 2009 by iconicblue

No pictures today. But I had to bring you all up-to-date on the latest thing that Robin has eaten. He continues to amaze me with his people-food-eating prowess. Last night he kept mooching my green peas. He ate at least 20 of them. They didn’t even have butter or salt, and it was on a plate with breaded fish fillets and he still went after the peas first.

It is my intention to keep an ongoing log of what he eats – it is truly stupendous. He has recently added red meat to his repetoire, so there is little he won’t eat. Lettuce, fish, cooked chicken are perennial favorites though.

More later.


Posted in Things you can do to Finchy, trust on January 10, 2009 by iconicblue

Almost every day our cats do something that make us congratulate ourselves on winning the kitten lottery. They are amazing. Really really they are. But we’ve fostered that as much as anything. We manhandled them incessently as soon as we could get our grubby mits on them. The result? Kittens that have absolute trust in us.

How many cats do you know that you can grab, flip upside down, give them a raspberry on their tummies, over and over and over and they never have a problem with it. In fact, they just lie there, waiting for you to be done. And it’s not just Finchy, who seems to have a predeliction for being upside down. Robin, the alpha cat, doesn’t mind it at all either.

I’ll be posting more on this subject later (we have lots of evidence), but here are some photos. And if you’re wondering how we did the halloween card – upside down photos, taken from above…

Finchy doing the air stretch. You can hold him like this for minutes. We’ve counted.


At the last second, something got Robin’s attention. He’s a bit more active and less willing to relax and float than Finchy is.