Finchy Getting Scared

Robin was very anxious to get out of the studio, and trips to the hallway and other studios in the building just wasn’t cutting it. So we packed the boys up in their new, much larger carrier and took them to Seward Park for an outing. We took them to the beach and brought them out on the dock. Robin loved the whole thing. Finchy on the other hand has become more and more timid and unhappy being in open, exposed areas, as you’ll see below. Really, it’s not the water he’s scared of in these pictures – he loves the stuff.

Finchy’s not sure he wants to come out.

That’s one unhappy catlet!

“Get me out of here!!!”


10 Responses to “Finchy Getting Scared”

  1. Ahn! Poor baby! Pick him up and give him a nice cuddle. He’s such a Finchy.

  2. ahmcguffin Says:

    What a sweet little boycat! Sometimes home is the best place to be. Maybe the lack of wanting adventure is temporary. Does he mind being out and held or does he prefer just not coming out of his new carrier? One of my feral born kitties started to be unsettled when the furniture was moved, chairs, footstools. It started when he was around 6 months old. As a few months went by it seemed as he had become farsighted. No problem with objects in the distance out the windows. As long as the furniture didn’t get moved and nothing new was on the floor he was fine.

    Really enjoy the kitties blog, your photos are wonderful. Agnes and Henry recommended Robin and Finchy.

  3. Awww, poor little Finchy…I hope this is temporary for him. Be sure to give him and Robin scritches from me and purry meows of greeting from my kettle of cats. 🙂

  4. Poor little guy. I definitely agree with the prescriptions for lots of cuddling and scritching.

  5. Poor Finchy. Maybe keep the trips a little smaller to give him a chance to build his confidence back up again. Something may have happened that scared him that his humans didn’t see. Something small that a cat could see only. I hope he feels better about outdoor adventures soon.

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. iconicblue Says:

    A finchy update: He’s doing just fine. He likes being outside if he can be in the underbrush and leaves. It’s big open exposed areas he’s not so fond of. Lately we’ve begun exploring the big old building where we live, and now both of the kittehs are trying madly to escape at all time to go explore, sniff, and have adventures!

    The weather and the early darkness are keeping us from taking them out much, but we’ll be having a big outing on Saturday. I’m going to throw ’em into my truck and let them go on errands galore all day, which may include a mouse-restocking at the pet store.

    Thanks for all the love, pets, scritches, and advice!

  7. gr82b0t402 Says:

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  8. Hey! No Robin and Finchy in the snow pix??

  9. Fabulous Fabs Says:

    No more pix of Robin and Finchy? Awaiting early. Such cute kittehs…

  10. iconicblue Says:

    Fabulous: The Kittehs are back! Sorry for the hiatus, had some computer/internet issues. Should be back in business now.

    Pet Museum: Not very many snow photos. Trucks in chains rumbling along on airport way freaked finchy out. Robin loved it the first night, he pranced along checking out everything in the parking lot and trying to go under all the vehicles. The next time out, he was more subdued. But don’t worry, some amazing cuteness is coming up soon (amazing flying cats).

    gr82b0t402: I’ll have to check that book out at the library. Thanks for the suggestion.

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