Take your Cats to Work Day!

We have a wall o’ pets (in polaroid) at our office. John brought the kittehs in one day for a liittel visit with the office, back in their infancy. It gives me warm fuzzies every time I see it. They are definitely the cutest pets on the wall (of course!). How can you beat kittens and double-mint fun?

Of course, they are now so much larger that they can barely be picked up simultaneously (one in either hand) unless they are fully cooperative. YOU try picking up 1 or 2 squirming catlets with just one arm. They are just over 5 months and we think about 10+ lbs each. I think we’ll bring them to the vet soon for a weigh-in plus to have a non-scarey vet visit (their last one was very traumatic).


One Response to “Take your Cats to Work Day!”

  1. Hmph – you don’t think that blurry gray printout of Elizabeth gives ’em a run for the money? (wink) Don’t you hate when your bebbehs have a traumatic vet visit? I know it gives me the shakes.

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