Pumpkin Party!

Kat & Andree joined us for a fun-filled evening of pumpkin carving, roast chicken dinner and creme brulee. Messy pumpkin guts ensued. Finchy was a gracious host, in the midst of it all, while Robin (who is normally the center of attention when guests come over) lurked on the edges all night.

Finchy noms a pumpkin (a recurring theme)

Finchy investigates John’s pumpkin

Finchy does more exploratory investigation

Finchy (this one is self explanatory).

Robin gnaws pumpkin seeds while Finchy bats an evil pumpkin top.

Robin stares intently while Finchy watches from the back

Robin – almost as big as the mound of pumpkin guts


2 Responses to “Pumpkin Party!”

  1. Whicky Wuudler Says:

    It would be easy to lose those two orange fellas in that pile of orangey pumpkin innards!

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