The Great Pumpkin Selection

Every week we try and give R&F an outing. We have limited light, views, & scenery at the studio, so it helps keep them young-at-heart (and helps ’em not be bored). John’s idea this past weekend was to go to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins, and of course, for the advantagious photo-op.

Finchy to Robin: Look at these over here!

Robin to Finchy: No, I wish to strike out for these unknown regions here, where I may see many other pumpkin glories!

Finchy is not impressed. He’s meditating on the best pumpkin to pick. Or is he contemplating which grass patch to eat? Nom nom nom.

Behold! That pumpkin yonder is the one for me! (We bought 3, by the way).

Pumpkin carving ensues tonight! More photos to follow, post-carving.

(Thanks to APL for witty banter suggestions.)


One Response to “The Great Pumpkin Selection”

  1. Anne Boleyn Says:

    I found your blog at Agnes and Henry’s. These guys are spectacular!

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