Focus on: Robin

Robin was feeling left out (since the last post was all about Finchy), so here’s one completely about HIM.

Robin posing on his pedestal.

Look at that mug! He does this thing, which is like, totally cute. When he’s tired, and relaxed, and ready for a nap, but before he takes said nap, his mouth drops open a little bit, wider, and wider, and wider. Trust me, it’s cute. Really.

Robin. Getting sleepy. You can see it in his eyes…

Time for a snuggle with Tara.

Being cute while in John’s arms.

What more can you say, he’s a starlet!


3 Responses to “Focus on: Robin”

  1. Whicky Wuudler Says:

    Robin has a most wise little face, even when being cute, he has a very knowing expression.

  2. Judy Pet (Robin Foster Mom) Says:

    I always knew he had star quality. He is so handsome and deserves special attention. Even as a little one he took the pictures but did not demand the attention.

  3. Nice to see your cats and YOU!
    Miss you, love your cats, Mom

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