Finchy Helps Sweep

One of the largest differences I’ve noticed between dogs and cats (as a reformed dog-person) is how cats always want to be involved in EVERYTHING you do. Not just involved but smack in the middle of it all.

Sweeping the floor quickly turns into Finchy-play-hour.

It starts with sitting on top of as much dirt as possible. Is this because the broom always comes towards you? (At least he’s not eating it like the other one, the alley-cat Robin).

Sitting is not enough. Active assistance becomes necessary.

Bunny kicks! Isn’t this fun? (The nom-nom-nom comes right after).


2 Responses to “Finchy Helps Sweep”

  1. Whicky Wuudler Says:

    Finchy knows that the only appropriate place for your attention is on him,

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, he is an attention hog, but that’s ok, he’s chinchilla soft and is totally worth the time!

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