Risotto for Dinner

The teenage years are among us. Apparently all kittens go through a rebellious stage where they challenge each other and their humans. Lately they have both gotten able to jump high onto things, and so they’ve been jumping up onto the kitchen island to check things out. Spraying water did nothing, then we tried time out in the bathroom (since they both are very very social). It’s not quite sinking in yet.

Finchy really likes to be involved and watch all activity, especially if it involves John. We pulled a pedestal (not sure yet if it’s for a sculpture display during art shows at the studio, or to be made into a kitten tower of power) up to the kitchen, padded it for comfy lounging and let them settle in. Success! Involvement and watchability without being on the kitchen counter!

Finchy taking in the scenery

Onion chopping is fascinating, donchya know.

Robin joins in, but in full-fledged play mode.

All is well. Kitchen watching is back on the agenda.


4 Responses to “Risotto for Dinner”

  1. They’re a couple of gorgeous cats! Don’t you just love how they want to be involved?!

  2. I think that the pedestal’s fate is settled: Kitten Tower of Power.

    Such an adorable pair and such great photos, too!

  3. iconicblue Says:

    Yes, I think it will be a tower of power. It’s on the project list. The problem is finding enough carpet to cover it that doesn’t come in puke-beige. Finding a small sample (for like $20) of a lilac or powder blue (to match the chandeliers of course) is really really hard! In the meantime, the kids get a chair to use as a step stool to climb up.

  4. Whicky Wuudler Says:

    This isn’t just watching, this is supervision.

    Powder blue would be the perfect colour for the Tower of Power. Though a bright sage green sets off ginger fur well too.

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