Waking up to Sparkle Water

This is another post revisiting the kittens a while back – a whole whopping month ago! This was shortly after we let them go into the loft, when we thought they could handle going up and down the verticle ladder. This series shows them waking up, yawning, and checking out my cup of sparkling water, one of their perennial favorite things. You try it with your kittens and you’ll see what I mean!

(Starting out with Robin, then Robin on left, and Finchy on right).


2 Responses to “Waking up to Sparkle Water”

  1. What an adorable pair of marmies! I wandered here from Agnes and Henry, and fell in love with your handsome little heartbreakers at once. That video of the bug hunters is mighty compelling drama, I tell ya’.

  2. iconicblue Says:

    I still watch that video! Finchy (the whimpering kitten, not the chittering one) talks like that all the time. Pick me up; I’m out of kibbles; put me on the window sill; oooooh, you’re home, pet me!

    We have one of those red laser pointers (the coolest toy ever) and every time it comes out Robin chitters for a few seconds before chasing it madly all over the studio and walls. Finchy only chitters at birds outside on the train tracks.

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