Intermission is brought to you by Nipper (that loveable jack russell terrier) and the fine folks at Victor Victrola. Enjoy the dulcet sounds of yester-year with this gen-u-ine portable victrola! Starring the cuddly antics of Finchy as he shows how enjoyable it is to own and operate such a fabulous piece of engineering technology! No wires! No electricity needed! Each crank good for 2 songs! Amaze your friends and be the life of the party with top-of-the-line early 20th century technology!

Finchy and pal Robin (exit stage right) available for tours throughout south Seattle and Georgetown. For more information, contact their booking agent (in the comment section below).


3 Responses to “Intermission!”

  1. I am so in love with this little bit of film. It’s posted over at the Museum, too.
    My late and loved Zozo, when a little kitten, used to do the same thing to Van Morrison’s “Moondance” – go figure.

  2. Whicky Wuudler Says:

    Haha! This had us chuckling our heads off. What a great couple of young cats. We loved the music too!

  3. iconicblue Says:

    Finchy is obsessed with the victrola. He loves to jump on it and spin around, or just watch the record spin.

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