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Happy Halloween!!

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Mwaa-haaa-ha! Happy Halloween everybody! From Robin, Finchy, and the rest of the McDermott clan, enjoy the rest of the day’s ghoulish fun! (We’re disembodied floating ghoul cats if you couldn’t tell).


Get Ready for Halloween!!!

Posted in holiday with tags , , , on October 30, 2008 by iconicblue

Are all you good kittens getting ready for halloween?  It’s almost here!

What are you going to be, devil, witch, ghoul or princess???? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!! We’re not telling!

And remember, little boys and girls, no matter how much you beg for it, chocolate is NOT good for little kittens (or puppies!!!).

Tune-in tomorrow at the same bat-time on the same bat-blog for more ghoulishly fun posts!

Take your Cats to Work Day!

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We have a wall o’ pets (in polaroid) at our office. John brought the kittehs in one day for a liittel visit with the office, back in their infancy. It gives me warm fuzzies every time I see it. They are definitely the cutest pets on the wall (of course!). How can you beat kittens and double-mint fun?

Of course, they are now so much larger that they can barely be picked up simultaneously (one in either hand) unless they are fully cooperative. YOU try picking up 1 or 2 squirming catlets with just one arm. They are just over 5 months and we think about 10+ lbs each. I think we’ll bring them to the vet soon for a weigh-in plus to have a non-scarey vet visit (their last one was very traumatic).

Some interrum photos…

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Been a bit busy with work and projects, so haven’t had much time to do a big post or prep photos for one. So I’ve dredged my files and found a few spare photos to post until I have more time to properly devote to a full posting:

Kitten cuddle in the clean laundry basket (a previous favorite place to sleep)

Kitten cuddle (can you tell how close they are?)! This was on their next favorite place to sleep: the kitten bower we made out of a cardboard box and a travel blanket. The box has been retired, but they still love the blanket (I think it’s been very well washed, nice and soft).

Pumpkin Party!

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Kat & Andree joined us for a fun-filled evening of pumpkin carving, roast chicken dinner and creme brulee. Messy pumpkin guts ensued. Finchy was a gracious host, in the midst of it all, while Robin (who is normally the center of attention when guests come over) lurked on the edges all night.

Finchy noms a pumpkin (a recurring theme)

Finchy investigates John’s pumpkin

Finchy does more exploratory investigation

Finchy (this one is self explanatory).

Robin gnaws pumpkin seeds while Finchy bats an evil pumpkin top.

Robin stares intently while Finchy watches from the back

Robin – almost as big as the mound of pumpkin guts

The Great Pumpkin Selection

Posted in outside with tags , on October 16, 2008 by iconicblue

Every week we try and give R&F an outing. We have limited light, views, & scenery at the studio, so it helps keep them young-at-heart (and helps ’em not be bored). John’s idea this past weekend was to go to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins, and of course, for the advantagious photo-op.

Finchy to Robin: Look at these over here!

Robin to Finchy: No, I wish to strike out for these unknown regions here, where I may see many other pumpkin glories!

Finchy is not impressed. He’s meditating on the best pumpkin to pick. Or is he contemplating which grass patch to eat? Nom nom nom.

Behold! That pumpkin yonder is the one for me! (We bought 3, by the way).

Pumpkin carving ensues tonight! More photos to follow, post-carving.

(Thanks to APL for witty banter suggestions.)

Focus on: Robin

Posted in studio on October 14, 2008 by iconicblue

Robin was feeling left out (since the last post was all about Finchy), so here’s one completely about HIM.

Robin posing on his pedestal.

Look at that mug! He does this thing, which is like, totally cute. When he’s tired, and relaxed, and ready for a nap, but before he takes said nap, his mouth drops open a little bit, wider, and wider, and wider. Trust me, it’s cute. Really.

Robin. Getting sleepy. You can see it in his eyes…

Time for a snuggle with Tara.

Being cute while in John’s arms.

What more can you say, he’s a starlet!