Cats on Leashes? That’s Silly.

People are often amused and surprised to see a cat outside on a leash. As a former committed dog-person I can completely understand. From a recent foray in a West Seattle park, from 2 little boys:

“Cats on leashes. That’s silly” … “Can we pet your cat?” … “He’s soft!”

Robin, jungle cat extraordinaire!

Robin checking out the scenery.

Finchy savors sitting on a stump.

The safe undergrowth beckons.


9 Responses to “Cats on Leashes? That’s Silly.”

  1. What beautiful animals! I used to put a little harness on my cat and take her outside on a leash. She HATED it. I don’t think she ever got used to the feeling of having in on her.

  2. Beautiful cats! Nice to see someone being responsible (and sensible) with their pets – and having a good time doing it!

  3. Aww they are so cute.

  4. I wish I’d harness-trained Elizabeth last year when she was little. Then we could meet up and walk our cats.
    But I didn’t, so it’s vicarious kittenwalks for me. Oh, they are a couple of cutiepants! Bein’ all Sasquatchy and that!

  5. We recently leashed trained our 8 year old cat – not for walking but it is a 30 ft. light lead that allows him to go out the front/back doors and into the yard without running off. Of course we only have it on him while we’re home in case he gets tangled, but it’s been several months now and he’s a TOTALLY different cat – very, very happy!

    More people should try this instead of letting their cats run loose! Kudos to you for being a great responsible pet owner.

  6. We’re trying to get our Gwennie used to being in her harness now, but at 4 years we’re not sure if she’ll ever get used to the feeling of it on her. How cute are your little cats?! I’m so pleased to see some folks taking responsibility for their kitties and letting them get some fresh air without the possibility of wandering into danger.

  7. Your cats are so beautiful with such intelligence in their eyes! I am so glad you have found these two! And beautiful pictures, I might add! Weel done!

  8. Katherine Says:

    I tried a harness on my grown cat. He seemed fine with it, so we went down to the patio and I sat out in the sun while he nosed around. It got awfully quiet after a while, so I looked behind me to where he had been lounging and saw an empty halter at the end of the leash!

    I found the little mister Houdini-pants nosing around in the crawlspace under the building–much more interesting place, to him, than hanging out on the patio with me….

  9. OMG!!! i have a cat and i have no idea how she would react to that. she always rushes to the door when someone opens it though. she longs to get out.

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