Boxcar Boys

Robin and Finchy hop a boxcar at a Georgetown railroad yard. Their destination…wherever the train may take them. A hobo cat’s life is not constrained by schedules or pre-destined places. Wherever the rails go…they will travel.

Robin watches the railroad tracks rumble by while Finchy keeps an eye out for any stowaway mice in their boxcar accomodation.


3 Responses to “Boxcar Boys”

  1. So did they tag the inside of the boxcar with CATS RULE? 😉

  2. Apparently! I think the next installment of their cross-country journey may feature their tools of the trade.

  3. Elizabeth Ashton Says:

    Can you please contact me about your photos at I have a non-profit animal rescue and I was wondering if we might be able to use these for something? Thank you.

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