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A recent outing. Alki beach. Puget sound surf, salt-water, sun, stinky fishy smells. What more could a cat ask for? At least this wasn’t cruising day. Loud choppers driving by does not a happy cat make.

Robin, not sure what happened to the whiskers on the right side of his face. Either finchy likes to chew on them or…? So how long does it take to grow back whiskers, anyhow?

Finchy, being very chill. He does profile very well.

Robin on the prowl.


Kittens, Revisited

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This blog started about 2 months after the kittens arrived. While it would have been nice to have all posts be 100% chronological, I’m stuck with having to do the internet version of flashbacks! My how they’ve grown!!

Robin, the grease monkey, getting sleepy (notice the line of bike grease on his shnoz). Yes, his thumpers and tail really are that big. [From Day 1 in the McDermott clan]

The day 1 kitten puddle. Robin on left, Finchy on right.

Babies of any kind held in a cupped palm will always be the cutest thing on earth. Make it a kitten for extra melting power. Finchy demonstrates his ability to be comfortable being held in any position at any time (something he continues to cultivate).

Stately Poses

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Lounging at home in between the devil-kitty play hour and cat-napping:

Finchy on left, and robin in the kitten bower (cardboard boxes and travel blankets, they love it). What’s got them so interested? The fly stuck in the lantern above them buzzing around. It’s better than cat TV.

Finchy poses on the victrola.

Robin watches bugs.

Cats on Leashes? That’s Silly.

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People are often amused and surprised to see a cat outside on a leash. As a former committed dog-person I can completely understand. From a recent foray in a West Seattle park, from 2 little boys:

“Cats on leashes. That’s silly” … “Can we pet your cat?” … “He’s soft!”

Robin, jungle cat extraordinaire!

Robin checking out the scenery.

Finchy savors sitting on a stump.

The safe undergrowth beckons.

Life in the studio

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We got a new carpet (mmmm, kittens love that new carpet smell). Finchy loooooves sleeping on it.

This is the ceiling to the loft. Yes, Robin climbs up there himself.

Boxcar Boys

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Robin and Finchy hop a boxcar at a Georgetown railroad yard. Their destination…wherever the train┬ámay take them. A hobo cat’s life is not constrained by schedules or pre-destined places. Wherever the rails go…they will travel.

Robin watches the railroad tracks rumble by while Finchy keeps an eye out for any stowaway mice in their boxcar accomodation.

Robin & Finchy Spy a Bug

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If you can’t stop yourself from watching this at least 10 times in a row, then there’s something wrong with you!